A question that has been pondered on for decades; is renting better than buying? Each consumer has their own perception and opinion particularly when it comes to what is fiscally better for them. Of course, now, it wouldn’t be fair to encapsulate all types of sectors and industries in one huge circle and generalize the idea that one act is better than the other. To truly get to the solution of the problem, categorization and fragmentation of aspects are extremely important. This is why, while purchasing might be a better solution in certain sectors, when it comes to the luxury car industry in cities, such as Los Angeles, renting is a much more viable option. So let’s break it down, shall we?

The Financial Perspective

When one looks at the financial side of things, the cost of purchasing a luxury vehicle is much more drastically higher than that of renting. In fact, you could rent a variety of different luxury cars for an extended period of time and yet, still not rack up the cost you would if you were to purchase one. Therefore, the upfront cost of purchasing a luxury car is quite hefty. Not to mention that you would also have to purchase insurance for your car and with interest rates higher than before, the cost of insurance on a monthly basis would make the cost of owning a luxury vehicle quite difficult. In fact, when it comes to insurance rates, these rates are much higher for luxury vehicles. That is not all, once you factor in the fuel cost paired with consumption, you will most definitely see why renting a luxury car would be much better. This is due to the fact that when it comes to fuel consumption, luxury cars aren’t the most efficient, which is why, to keep your tank full, you would have to pay a hefty amount.

It is also important to consider the cost of maintenance when it comes to luxury cars in Los Angeles. Maintenance of a luxury car is, in itself an incredibly expensive and pain-staking process, which is sure to cost much more if you own the luxury car than it would with a luxury car rental. Just an estimate for an interior detail, exterior detail, or even a basic service job would have you floored. However, with a luxury car rental, you would never have to worry about maintenance. You would be completely hassle-free, that is of course if you choose us as we are the top luxury car rental in Los Angeles. With Suntime Exotic Car Rental Los Angeles, you’ll be provided with the best and most well-maintained luxury, exotic, and super cars.

The Practical Perspective

When it comes to the features, amenities, style, and comfort that come with luxury cars and even exotic cars or supercars, there isn’t anything that could compete. That is, of course, one of the reasons why everyone in Los Angeles is hustling to drive a luxury car. However, when it comes to your day-to-day life, if you were to own a luxury car, it wouldn’t be the most practical option for you. This is the case particularly if you were to take your luxury out for basic errands, such as going to a drive-thru of a fast food chain or stopping at the grocery store to grab some items. Not only would the mileage be low but just imagine having to maneuver around a parking lot and picking a spot where you can ensure that no car can scratch or bump against your luxury vehicle, which ends up causing damage. Just thinking about it would be enough to make you cringe right now. Therefore, from a day-to-day practical perspective, it is always a better and more viable option to rent out a luxury car for those special occasions, such as a luxury car wedding. Now that’s something for the books.

The Variety-Based Perspective

As difficult as it is to purchase a singular luxury car, it is close to impossible, unless you’re part of the 1%, to purchase a variety of luxury cars. So, being able to take advantage of variety isn’t something that you can do when you plan on purchasing a luxury car in Los Angeles. However, if you’re opting for Los Angeles luxury car rentals, particularly our luxury car rental service then you will have an entire fleet of luxury cars available at the tip of your fingertips. You could choose a different brand of luxury cars altogether, that too, every single time you choose to rent a luxury vehicle. Just by going through our catalog of luxury and exotic car rentals available, you would be surprised at all of the potential luxury car rental services can provide you with. From Ferrari rentals to Bentley rentals, Lamborghini rentals to Rolls Royce rentals, there is no luxury car brand that you can’t drive if you choose to rent luxury cars in Los Angeles. Each luxury car has its own fascinating features to offer you, while one’s forte could be its magnificent power, the other could be much more fascinating to look at in its design. The great thing is that you no longer have to distress yourself with the decision of choosing just one. You can take advantage of every single feature that each luxury car has to offer to you as you would be able to rent out a completely different luxury car each time. The great thing is that here at Suntime Exotic Car Rental Los Angeles, we have the most extensive fleet of luxury and exotic cars for rent.

Looking at all of the different perspectives above, there is no doubt that luxury car rentals in Los Angeles are much better than purchasing a luxury car. However, if there is one factor that could ruin your experience, it could be that you chose the wrong luxury car rental service. With something as important as a luxury car rental it is always the best idea to opt for the top market player and you’re in luck because Suntime Exotic Car Rental is known to be the best in Los Angeles. So, don’t hesitate and contact us or go through our website to take advantage of all of the top luxury cars that we have to offer you.